Here is an example of one of our recent projects where we installed a complete new kitchen. During this project we removed a wall, replaced a rotten floor and joists, before installing new sub bases with under floor heating and then tiling. We also upgraded all electrics and plumbing for the new appliances.

What is the orange stuff?


A question we get asked all the time. The orange membrane is a decoupling membrane from 'Schluter Systems' which decouples the floor covering from the substrate and neutralises the tensions between the substrate and the tile covering that result from the varying deformations of the materials. Likewise, stress cracks in the substrate are bridged and are, therefore, not transferred to the surface covering. This is particularly useful when we are tiling over two different substrates like we were here, where the floor was mainly wooden with a small concreted section. Tiling over two different substrates like this without 'Ditra' can cause cracking in the finished tiled floor as the two substrates can move independently from each other.